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This is a crucial time for education in the U.S. Because of recent budget cuts and other restrictions, Missouri public schools, in general, are underfunded. Charter schools have been hit even harder, as funding options for charters are more limited. Charters must rely on fundraising and financing for all major renovations and expansions. Over the past 10 years, Académie Lafayette has worked diligently to raise funds to purchase and expand a second campus because of its growing student population, but the needs continue. There are many ways to support our mission; learn more and/or donate below.


Fundraising Opportunities

Lend your support for Académie Lafayette by taking part in some of our fundraisers.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is held every year typically beginning in November. Its purpose is to raise unrestricted funds for the school through voluntary donations.

Musketeer March

Musketeer March, the school jog-a-thon, is held in May. Students secure donations by asking friends and family to support them as they run/walk/jog/skip around a pre‑set course.


Funds generated from Fund-A-Need go directly to our students at all locations. Every dollar counts and will make a difference for the kids of AL. Thank you all for your dedication to AL. It’s people like you that allow us to be great!

The $10K Cash Raffle

The raffle is held in the fall at the beginning of the school year.

Thank you to our sponsor!

Facts & Figures

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