Journalism Club


The club is open to all AL students in grades 4-8. The club meets after school every Monday that school is in session, the first meeting is Monday September 10th
  • Armour: advisor is M. Jean Pasqualini (
    • The club meets on Mondays from 3:45 to 4:45 pm in M. Pasqualini’s classroom (#213)
  • Oak : advisor is Mme Dorothée Werner (
    • The club meets on Mondays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm in Mme Werner’s room (#315)
Thank you to the many students who applied to the journalism club! If your child does not have a permission-to-walk form on file, she/he will need to be picked-up in the classroom.


Welcome to our 4th and 5th grade journalists:
  • Chamberlain Webster
  • Lola Sciara
  • Ilan Steigman
  • Amina Mbengue
  • Winnie McDowell
  • Clara French
  • Mabel Bland
  • Kalvary Riley
  • Avery Lemon
  • Ryan Lucas
  • Halia Victorine
  • Emri Myers
  • Claudia Wilson
  • Laila Rollie
  • Mario Rodriguez
  • Ayla Napier
  • Audrey Parker
  • Rory Means
  • Marie Bainbridge
  • Elizabeth Paronto
  • Kora Bailey
  • Annika Wirz
  • June Lee
  • Madison Chestnut
  • Sabrina Healy

Armour journalists: 

Connor Sands
Kiara Odums
Eilish Ye
Lucy Willaredt
Alice Coates
Harriet Tronnes
Flannery Murphy
Milly Lee
Maya Burton
Kai Robison
Tierney Flavin
Alex Wirken
Georgia Kuntz
Evelyn Parker
Grace Falk
Cadence Bailey
Simao Mauvois
Iris Hoffman
Isabel Reyes
Caroline Hinkebein

Event Photos