8th Grade Trip

Students can expand their knowledge of the French heritage and serve in another part of the United States.

History of the trip to New Orleans

The trip to New Orleans was started in 2013 to give 8th grade students a culminating experience as well as an opportunity to learn more about the French heritage in the United States. In addition, because of the continuing social service needs in New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, there are opportunities for our students to help with the rebuilding effort.

At Académie Lafayette, we support this important travel experience because it gives our students an opportunity to broaden their experience beyond the classroom to experience life in another part of the United States and to contribute their time and sweat to rebuilding this important city.

Common Questions

Who organizes the trip?

The trip is organized through Net Work Voluntours. Net Work Voluntours organizes all logistics including lodging, meals, and volunteer and cultural experiences for the students and chaperones.

Where do the students go?

The students travel by motorcoach to New Orleans where they stay in volunteer housing accommodations.

How much does the trip cost?

The cost of the trip to New Orleans is approximately $1,000. It is divided into two parts: Travel Costs and Student Costs.

Travel Costs

The travel portion is not fixed because it can change from year to year based the number of students and chaperones who travel. Typically the travel portion of the trip costs between $300–$400 per person traveling. This includes:

  • One or two motorcoaches
  • Drivers who stay with the students the entire trip and provide transportation in New Orleans
  • Lodging for the drivers

Student Costs

Typically this ranges from $650–$750, again depending on the number of students and chaperones who travel. This includes:

  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Admission to cultural and historic sites/tours
  • Chaperones

Who pays for the 8th grade trip to New Orleans?

The student and his/her family are responsible for the Student Costs of the trip. Typically $200 scholarships are available to students who need travel assistance. The school, with fundraising assistance from the proceeds of the $10,000 Cash Raffle and PTSO-led fundraising events, is responsible for the Travel Costs associated with the trip. PTSO events can change from year to year but typically include: Allez5k fun run, Trivia Night, and the PTSO gala, An Evening in Paris.

Who pays for the chaperones?

A combination of fundraising and funds from parents.

What if friends/family members want to donate for my child's trip?

That is a great way to help subsidize your payments. Those interested should contact Marcia Berry to determine the best way to make a gift to your child.

Who is eligible for scholarships?

Any family who thinks they may not be able to pay for the entire trip is eligible to apply. However, keep in mind that the more families who apply, the less money each family may get, so if all possible, save the scholarships for those families who truly need it. Usually the maximum has been $200 per family.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

An application will be available for all families who would like one. To be eligible, you must turn it into the office by the due date on the application.

How do I register my child to go on the trip?

Parents will sign a letter of commitment and students will sign an academic and behavior contract at the beginning of the year (available parent education night and online after that).

How do I make my payments?

Payments may be in the form of checks turned in at the front office, or online. The link for online payments can be found to the right. All payments must be received by the set deadline listed on the right.

How many chaperones go?

A ratio of approximately 1:8 to 1:10.

Who are the chaperones and how are they chosen?

Teachers, at least two middle school, or any other AL teacher, preferably those with the experience of working with the students going on the trip (in elementary school). In an effort to bridge the AL experience to our alum, one or two former AL students with at least two years of college and sub-certification may be selected.

How will we receive additional information throughout the year concerning my child's trip?

A series of parent informational meetings will be scheduled throughout the year, usually beginning February or March of your child’s 7th grade year, continuing in September, January, and March of his/her 8th grade year. Although these are not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged you attend as there is a lot of useful information. There is one mandatory meeting a few weeks before the trip to sign authorization for your child to travel outside of the country without a parent. The 8th grade team will present the trip and have information/pertinent documents available at our parent education meeting in August.


Parents will sign a letter of commitment and students will sign an academic and behavior contract at the beginning of the year (available parent education night and by request after that). This year’s 8th grade trip dates are May 16-22, 2020. 

Make a Payment

Payments may be in the form of checks turned in at the front office, or online. Please use the PayPal form below for online payments.

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Please review our list of frequently asked questions. For any other questions, please contact:
Aïcha Touré
Marcia Berry (Finances)

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