School District Boundaries

Children must live within the boundaries of the Kansas City Missouri School District to qualify for enrollment at Académie Lafayette.

Residency requirements

During re-enrollment, families must provide two proofs of residence, one from List A and one from List B:

List A: Residential rental/lease contract, purchase agreement/real estate contract, deed, or mortgage statement for the home you are residing in currently.

List B: These must be from the current month — original utility bill in the parent/guardian resident’s name (electric, gas, or water only), or paycheck stub listing resident address.

Children MUST live within the boundaries of the Kansas City Missouri School District, and parents/guardians will be asked to show proof of residency in the application. Académie Lafayette cannot enroll students who live outside the KCPSD boundaries. Charter schools cannot accept tuition from any applicant or student (RSMO 160.415 (8)).

Read Residency Policy

If a family is having difficulty providing proof of residency for any reason, please contact Peggy Arians at the Armour campus.

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