Nurses’ Notes

Académie Lafayette is pleased to provide a nurse at each campus to help ensure the health, wellbeing, and safety of our students and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child come to school?
We want your child to come to school, but please do NOT send a child to school if he/she complains of severe sore throat or headache, has nausea or has been vomiting, has pink eye, a rash or has a temperature of 99.6 degrees or higher. Children must be fever-free and/or diarrhea-free (without the help of medication) for 24 hours before returning to school. Report absences due to contagious disease to the office so that precautionary measures may be taken for those exposed.

What do I do if my child gets sick at school?
If your child becomes ill at school, his or her teacher will send him or her to the nurse’s office for evaluation. If necessary, you will be called to make arrangements to take your child home or to provide necessary medical care.

What is the HealtheKids screening?
Académie Lafayette is pleased to offer FREE, comprehensive health screenings for all of our students. These screenings, conducted by medical personnel provided by the First Hand Foundation, are held during the school day. Parents or guardians will receive the screening results in a sealed envelope after the screenings are completed. Please see the Health Screening Permission Form for more information.

My child is in a peanut-free room — what can I provide for snacks? is a great site that lists snack suggestions that are free of peanuts, tree nuts and eggs. Please see our snack policy, too.

Seasonal information

Cold and Flu Season
Lice procedure

Medication resources

EpiPen information/coupon


K–5 Cherry Nurse:
Alexis Russell, LPN

K-5 Oak Nurse:
Alexis Cook, RN

6-8 Armour Nurse:
Kristen Carlson, LPN


Please complete these documents and give them to the nurse at your campus if your child has asthma, a food allergy, or needs medicine during the school day:

Asthma Action Plan
Food Allergy Plan

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