Application Guidelines

Review our guidelines to ensure your child meets the parameters to attend AL.

Please see the documents below for details about the application and enrollment process.

When to apply
  • Open application period: the application period typically begins the first week of November and ends the first week of March. Watch the “How to Apply” page for dates.
  • Lottery date: typically the first week of March
  • Letters sent by: typically the second week of March
Age and residency requirements

Kindergarten applicants must be five (5) years old BEFORE September 1 to start kindergarten the preceding August. Children MUST live within the boundaries of the Kansas City Public Schools District, and parents/guardians will be asked to show two proofs of residency if chosen in the lottery. Académie Lafayette cannot accept applications for children who live outside the KCPSD boundaries.


Charter schools cannot accept tuition from any applicant or student (RSMO 160.415 (11))  “11. A charter school may not charge tuition, nor may it impose fees that a school district is prohibited from imposing.”


Académie Lafayette will accept 198 kindergarten students every year. Families apply online using the SchoolMint application system. At the end of the open application period, if the number of applications exceeds available space, all eligible students will be entered into a lottery. The SchoolMint generated list will determine both who is accepted and the order of the waiting list for the remaining applicants. If the number of applications received is fewer than spaces available, all applications will be accepted and the remaining spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis until full. Applicants will receive an email with their application status within 24 hours of the lottery. In addition, letters will be mailed to all applicants after the lottery.

Siblings of current Académie Lafayette students and children of Académie Lafayette current, full-time employees will receive priority in the lottery but must adhere to the residency and application policies. Applications for these students must be turned in during the open application period.

Académie Lafayette will accept applications for other grades if students are fluent in French and there are seats available. Parents interested in enrolling their child must contact Admissions Director Robyn King,

Campus Placement

Newly admitted students will be placed at either the Oak Campus (located at 6903 Oak St.) or the Cherry Campus (located at 3421 Cherry St.) based on whether the student’s address falls within the designated zone that surrounds each respective campus.

The zones are as follows:

  • Cherry Campus Zone: 39th Street and 27th Street between Southwest Trafficway and Prospect Ave.
  • Oak Campus Zone63rd Street to 75th Street between Main St. and the eastern boundary of the KCPS school district boundary.

After admitted applicants have been assigned based on the applicable zone, the remaining admitted applicants will be assigned to each campus using a blind, computer-aided selection process (no names or addresses will be shown) all done in compliance with RSMo. Sec. 160.410.2(1). Once campus placement has been assigned, it is not subject to change for any reason whatsoever.

Students will be notified of campus assignment after the lottery. Students will have until March 27, 2020 to accept admission into Académie Lafayette and complete all enrollment documentation.

Applicants who are on the waitlist (for K or 1st grade) will not receive a campus placement until they are admitted into Académie Lafayette. Open spaces are offered to the next family on the waiting list. Waitlisted families will be assigned to the building that has an opening. There is no zone preference for families on the waiting list.

NONDISCRIMINATION STATEMENT: Académie Lafayette does not and will not discriminate, or in any way prefer any student over another student based on race, religion, gender, ethnicity, national origin, disability, income level, proficiency in English or athletic ability.
 (RSMO 160.410 (3)) For questions about this process, please call 816.888.7400.