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Diversity and Inclusion Statement: 
Académie Lafayette is committed to the success of its students and continues to work to create an intentionally diverse and equitable community to reflect the demographics of the community in which we serve. We embrace the differences in race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, culture, gender identity/expression, and sexual orientation in all of our staff, scholars, and families in the following ways: 

❏ Promoting equity in every classroom every day to ensure each student has what they need to reach their full potential. 
❏ Actively engaging in courageous conversations about the value of people’s differences. 
❏ Empowering all parties to engage in open and honest dialogue with an active voice. 
❏ Working diligently to reflect the demographics of the community in which we serve. 
❏ In doing so, we aspire to raise children who will build a diverse and inclusive world and be a source of inspiration in our society.