Our three-campus system allows for dedicated administrative staff for different grade levels and needs.

Elimane Mbengue
Head of School

Elimane Mbengue joined Académie Lafayette as Head of School in 2012. He was born and raised in Senegal, where he graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Dakar as a school district administrator. He has a master’s and an advanced study degree in English and American studies from Cheikh Anta Dip University in Senegal and a certificate of business management from Portland (Oregon) State University. He has been a primary and secondary school teacher, as well as a French Lector at the University of Exeter in England. Before joining Académie Lafayette, Mr. Mbengue served as a school administrator in a French immersion school and a charter school in Oregon.

Heather Royce
Cherry Campus Principal

Prior to joining Académie Lafayette as the Cherry campus principal in 2011, Heather Royce earned a bachelor’s degree in French education, a master’s degree in school counseling, and did her doctoral coursework in education administration at The University of Kansas. She has prior experience as a French teacher, a special education teacher, an elementary and high school counselor, as well as an administrator. Heather jokes that she’s done every job possible in a school, except drive a bus! Heather is married with a son, as well as a large dog and a small cat. She enjoys running, doing yoga, reading, cooking, and traveling.

Leslie Houfaidi
Oak Campus Principal

Leslie Houfaidi fell in love with French as a young American living in Belgium. She was a dietitian for 15 years before finding she was meant to be a teacher. Leslie has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education as well as a master’s in teaching. A true original, she has been at Académie Lafayette since its inception in 1999. After years of teaching 2nd grade and organizing and chaperoning many 6th grade trips to France, Leslie is now principal at the Oak campus. She works together with teachers as they share a common vision of improving student achievement. Her hobbies include reading, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and cycling…and KU basketball.

Jean-Claude Diatta
Director of Curriculum and Students Services

Born, raised, and educated in Senegal, Jean-Claude Diatta earned a bachelor’s degree in English education and African literature, as well as a master’s in education at Cheikh Anta University. He worked as an administrative assistant and educator on human rights for Amnesty International in his native country, and he taught English (ESL) in middle school and high school. Upon joining Académie Lafayette in 2000, Jean-Claude taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade before becoming vice principal at the Cherry campus. While teaching at AL, Jean-Claude also earned his master’s in school leadership from the University of Central Missouri (2012). He was a dedicated Boy Scout leader for 22 years, and he enjoys nature, traveling, and photography.