Strategic Plan Update
The AL Strategic Planning process, initiated in 2011, began to move forward at a rapid pace this past winter. The document provides a map of how the school will pursue its journey from “Good to Great” over the next three years. The plan has goals, objectives, actions, and measures for seven areas:   Student Achievement, Excellence in Teaching, School Culture, Facilities and Finance, Growth, Community, and Governance.  
Participants were parents, staff and teachers, administrators and board members who volunteered hours of weekend time to work on the plan.
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Strategic Plan & Budget Documents
-Strategic Plan Executive Summary and Objectives
-Budget Narrative
-13-14 Budget Summary (passed 6/17/13)


Revised VISION
Académie Lafayette is a national leader in language immersion and global studies education, empowering our students to reach their full potential and make a difference in the world.

We bring together in the city a diverse group of students and an international teaching staff to develop critical thinkers and global citizens through immersion in French language and culture.



Excellence - We value high expectations, rigorous academics and hard work.  We challenge and support each student, enabling them to reach their full potential.

The Joy of Learning - We provide a supportive and engaging environment where learning comes naturally.

Caring Community – Our committed teachers and families support each other, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make every child succeed.

Character – Our students learn the value of service, honesty, and respect for others.  We expect the adults in our school community to teach this by example.

Diversity - We appreciate differences and work to attract and welcome all into our school community.

Accountability - We demand responsibility for results.

Transparency - We openly share our practices, outcomes and decision-making.


Strategic Planning Team

Hugh Wooden
Barbara Mullins 

Anne Calvert
Marilyn Hynes
Moulaye Seydi
Marie Nelis

Elimane Mbengue, Head of School
Heather Royce, Principal of Cherry Street
Shelly Doucet
Katie Hendrickson
Jacque Lane
Carlos McClain
Eric Roskam

Rochelle Falk
Begonya R. Klumb
Cathy Metcalf
Kristi Odums
Anne Post
Terry Riley

Advisory Council
Sarah Guthrie

Board of Directors
David Cozad, President
Mike Zeller, Vice President
Dr. Margaret Anderson
Pam Gard
Leslie Kohlmeyer
Joseph Langle
Jon Otto
Chad Phillips
Harriet Plowman