Academie Lafayette is in the process of applying for E-rate funding to support telecommunications and high-speed internet access equipment and services.
All inquiries should be directed to the website postings for entity numbers:  216779 and 16075558.
Email questions may be sent to
Staff should not answer questions directly in order to meet fair bidding requirements.

Maternelle (Kindergarten)

Mme Yael Israel, Homeroom
M. Justin Jones
, Homeroom
Mme Valérie Le Letty
, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Astrid Noubissi
, Homeroom Teacher
Amandine Brown, Homeroom Teacher
M. Ridley Thomas
, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Crista Peeler, English Communication Arts

1ère Année (1st Grade)

Mme Isabelle Cahoon, Homeroom Teacher
M. Norman Carrer, Homeroom Teacher
Melle Céline Cormerais, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Catherine Defosse, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Caroline de Jonckheere, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Anne Marie Krull, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Sara Hopewell, English Communication Arts

2ieme Année (2nd Grade)

Mme Nicole Fisher, Homeroom Teacher
M. Andre Fontcha
, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Rebekah Hyer, Homeroom
Mme Marie Catherine Marchand, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Sandrine Salas, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Julie Valluet, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Vicki Swanson, English Communication Arts

3ieme Année (3rd Grade)

Mme Marie Clarist, Homeroom Teacher
M. Michael Jones
, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Martine Kuevi, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Anne Maton
, Homeroom Teacher
M. André Sockmack
, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Stacia Milius, English Communication Arts

4ieme Année (4th Grade)

Mme Corinne Charruau, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Celine Ghisalberti, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Marion Guihard, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Madeleine Sifadjam, Homeroom Teacher
M. Moulaye Seydi, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Sheila Rowan, English Communication Arts

5ieme Année (5th Grade)

M. Franck Brichet, Homeroom Teacher
M. Jean Claude Diatta, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Sylvie Givens
, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Karin Hanriot
, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Dorothee Werner
, Homeroom Teacher
Mme Liz O’Flaherty, English Communication Arts

Le collège (Middle School)

M. Ousmane Balde, French (Grades 7 & 8)
Mme Camille Bazin
, Social Studies (Grades 6 & 7)
Mme Muriel Desbleds-Wilson
, Science (Grades 7 & 8)
Mme Ashley Duff
, French (Grade 6)
Mme Leticia Forsyth
, Spanish (Oak)
Mme Marilyn Hynes
, Social Studies (Grades 7 & 8)
Mme Christele Marsh
, Science (Grade 6)
Mme Randi McCreary
, English Communication Arts (Grades 7 & 8)
Mme Jessica McDowell
, English Communication Arts (Grade 6)
M. Jean Pasqualini
, Digital Media (Grades 6, 7 & 8)
M. Sekou Sonko
, Math (Grades 6 & 8), Study Hall (6, 7 & 8)
M. Patrick Sprehe
, English Communication Arts (Grade 6)
M. Armand Tsafack
, Mathematics (Grade 6)
Mme Yanlan Jin Virtue
, Mandarin, (Oak)
M. Célestin Wabo
, Mathematics (Grades 7 & 8)


Les Classes de Support (Support Classes and Team)

Mme Laura Boursault, Library, Computer (Cherry)
Mme Jodi Brown
, Art (Oak)
M. Keith Christensen, Title I Coordinator
Mme Judy Clause, Librarian (Cherry)
M. Edouard Djiba
, Physical Education (Oak)
Mme Alix Lasker
, Computer (Oak)
M. Zacharie Méjean, Music, P.E. (Cherry)
Mme Marsha Sappenfield
, Librarian (Oak)
Mme Valerie Smith, Title 1 Para, Librarian (Oak)
M. Steve Swanson, Music (Oak)
M. Spencer White, ELL Teacher Coordinator (Cherry and Oak)
Mme Robin Talley, Art, P.E. (Cherry)


Les services Sociaux et L’Infirmerie (Health and Social Services)

Mme Alexis Cook, Nurse at Oak Street
Mme Mary Ammatelli
, Nurse at Cherry Street
Beth Walker, Social Worker at Cherry Street
Lara Troutner, Social Worker at Oak Street

Special Education

Mme Cathy Bird, Special Education at Oak/Cherry
Mme Joyce Whitted, Speech at Oak/Cherry
Dr. Patty Smith, Special Education/Educational Support


M. Elimane Mbengue, Head of School, Principal, 3-8 Oak Street
Mme Heather Royce
, Principal, K-2 Cherry Street
Mme Leslie Houfaidi
, Division Leader, 3-5 Grades
M. Eric Roskam, Division Leader, Middle School
Mme Diane Balagna
, Cherry Street Office Manager
Mme Carlos McClain
, Oak Street Office Manager
Mme Jacque Lane, Business Director
Mme Peggy Arians, Assistant to the Business Manager, Compliance Coordinator
Mme Marcia Berry, Assistant to the Business Manager
M. Roger Goudiaby, Information Technology Director
M. Edem Addoh, Assistant to the IT Director
Mme Jessica Wallace, Assistant to the Head of School and to the Development Director
M. Pablo Sanders, Administrative Assistant/Copy center
Mme Sarah Guthrie, Director of Development
Mme Stephanie Lundquist, Admin Assistant at Oak Street
Mme LaWanda Swoopes, Admin Assistant at Cherry Street
Mme Amandine Brown, Building Substitute
Mme Amanda Lyons, Building Substitute
Mme Allison Crumley, Building Substitute
M. Yawo Ekpoh, Building Substitute