School Supply Lists

Each year, Académie Lafayette ask parents to provide the supplies that students will need for the coming year.

There are two ways to provide these supplies for your student.

PTSO supply sale

Each spring, the PTSO coordinates a supply sale through SchoolKidz. These kits are created based on teachers’ supply lists and are available for parents to order in advance. Parents receive a discount when they purchase through SchoolKidz and the school receives a portion of the proceeds. Kits will be delivered to the classroom so that your child (or you) do not have to carry them in. The annual SchoolKidz campaign lasts for one month and typically ends near the end of the current school year.

To purchase from SchoolKidz during the PTSO campaign:

  • Go to
  • Enter an account number for each campus to access the kits.
  • The account # for the Cherry Campus is 26938
  • The account # for the Oak Campus is 35476
Purchase your own

If you prefer, or if you miss the SchookKidz campaign, you can buy school supplies yourself, possibly taking advantage of Missouri’s tax-free weekend. You can use the same SchoolKidz supply lists.

Below are the lists for each grade level:
1st grade
2nd grade
3rd grade
4th-8th grade

*These lists are generated from the SchoolKidz supply sale; if you are purchasing supplies for your student, please do not worry about getting the same brands that are listed.