Académie Lafayette events and programs are possible because of the help of the Parent Teacher Student Organization.

Visit the PTSO website for more information.

Missions & objectives

The purpose of this organization is to bring together Académie Lafayette families to encourage relationships and cooperation within the school community, between parents, students, and the teachers/staff, so that all work together for the success of our children of Académie Lafayette for the following purposes:

  • To facilitate communication between parents, Académie Lafayette administrators, teachers, students, and community.
  • To support student activities at Académie Lafayette.
  • To acquaint new parents and students with Académie Lafayette.
  • To promote the education, health, safety, and general welfare of all Académie Lafayette students.

The PTSO is the largest volunteer group at Académie Lafayette and is responsible for making the events and programs listed within this site (and others not mentioned) possible. There is no cost to join — as the parent or guardian of an AL student, you are already a member! We simply ask that you participate by attending meetings as a voting member.

Meetings are held approximately three (3) times a year alternating between the Cherry and Oak campuses. Free babysitting and dinner is provided at all of the meetings. Meetings are your forum for sharing new ideas, challenges, and opportunities so that we can work together to make the school a great community.

Dedicated teachers, staff, AND parents help make Académie Lafayette a great school! Please join us in offering your time and talents.
It is rewarding.
It is important.
And it is FUN!

Check out the calendar of events and sign up to volunteer and/or participate.

PTSO officers 2016–2017

President – Meghan Flavin,
Vice President (Oak) – Robin Rusconi,
Vice President (Cherry) – Antonia Acorn,
Secretary – Shelby Johnson,
Treasurer – Jennifer McGreal,
Communications – Abby Royal,
Gratitude Officer – Jesse Kidwell,
Events/Volunteer Coord. (Oak) – Monica Schaefer,
Events/Volunteer Coord. (Cherry) – Laura Flynn,

PTSO minutes & documents

14/15 Quarter 3 Meeting Minutes
14/15 Quarter 3 Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
14/15 Quarter 2 Meeting Minutes
14/15 Quarter 1 Meeting Minutes
April 29, 2014 Minutes
February 18, 2014 Minutes
January 21, 2014 Minutes to be approved 2/18/14
November 18, 2014 Minutes
October 2013 Minutes
September 5, 2013 minutes

Important information

2014-2015 PTSO Budget
2015-2016 PTSO Budget Request Form
2015-2016 Officer Nomination Form
2014-2015 PTSO Calendar of Events
PTSO Mission and By-Laws (9.6.2013)
PTSO Board Positions
Room Parent Responsibilities Guide