Dress Code Etiquette: Team Work

Académie Lafayette students have made great progress in observing dress code etiquette, but we still need to pay careful attention. Students arriving at school with their shirts tucked in will avoid having to be reminded. Help your child get a positive start to each day by reminding him/her to “Tuck It In!”

We need parent’s help. We need parents to make sure that their children’s attire meets the dress code of the school. By reinforcing that etiquette at home, we’ll all be on the same page. Otherwise, we’re sending mixed messages to our children; this is something we all want to avoid, n’est-ce pas?

Thank you for verifying that your child has the right attire for school and that he/she wears it with pride. And remember, if it’s not RED, NAVY BLUE, KHAKI or PLAID, your child should not be wearing it to school.

Merci d’avanc

Shirts and Blouses - boys and girls, all grades

  •     Red, navy blue or white.
  •     Long or short-sleeved shirts must have collars.
  •     Long-sleeved t-shirts can not be worn under uniform shirt.
  •     Only a small triangle of white t-shirt at the neckline should be visible under any school uniform Polo shirt.
  •     Shirts are worn tucked in at all times.
  •     Note: No t-shirts or logos (other than Académie Lafayette)

Pants, shorts, skirts and skorts - all grades

  •     Khaki
  •     Académie Lafayette French Toast plaid only for girls in jumpers, skirts or shorts.
  •     Jumpers and skirts must not be shorter than four inches above the knee.
  •     Académie Lafayette plaid available at Parker Uniforms and French Toast (or Frenchtoast.com)

Socks and tights

  •     Plain white, red, navy blue or black socks.
  •     Navy blue or black leggings only.


  •     Appropriate school shoes.
  •     Rubber soled athletic shoes or oxfords that tie, buckle or slip-on.
  •     No flip-flops, sandals, open-toed or backless shoes or any kind, including clogs.
  •     Red or navy blue Crocs may be worn, but will not be considered appropriate gym shoes.


  •     Navy, brown, black or Académie Lafayette’s belt.
  •     Belts are necessary to prevent “sagging.”

Sweaters and sweatshirts

  •     Plain navy blue, red or white, solid colored with no logos or pattern. (Except Académie Lafayette)
  •     Cardigan, crew-neck, v-neck or zip up the front.
  •     Hoods must always be off the head indoors.
  •     Any other sweatshirts will be taken to the office. It is the student’s responsibility to pick-up their non-uniform clothes at the end of the day.


  •     Navy, brown, black or Académie Lafayette belt.
  •     Belts are necessary to prevent saggy pants.

Jewelry, scarves and headwear

  •     No scarves or oversized jewelry worn outside the uniform shirt (small discrete personal jewelry is fine, but must be gold, silver, red, white or navy blue.)
  •     No large bead necklaces or bracelets should be worn with the uniform.
  •     Inside the school building, no bandanas or headwear, including hats on casual day.
  •     All hair accessories such as headbands, bows and barrettes should be red, white, nay blue or approved school plaid.

Casual days

  •     Casual day clothing should be appropriate for the learning environment.
  •     Bare mid-drift, tank or halter type dresses or shirts or saggy pants are not acceptable.


P.E. Dress Code Information & Excused Absence Policy

Physical Education Dress Code (Required for grades 4th to 8th grades)

The Physical Education dress code ensures that students can participate in the physical activities that are
required by the Missouri curriculum. We encourage our students to understand the importance of safety and
hygiene during their P.E. lessons and sport activities. Students must wear*:

• proper-fitting gym/athletic/tennis shoes. No slide-on shoes are allowed.
• red or white t-shirt (or approved AL spirit-wear, per Mr. Djiba)
• navy blue sport shorts (no side stripe allowed)
• navy blue sweat top and navy blue athletic pants (for colder weather)
• only AL logos are allowed on navy sweat tops (or approved AL sweat tops)

PE will take place outside as weather permits, so please have your child dress accordingly.
*On casual days, students are allowed to wear different colors but must have athletic clothes (specified above) and shoes to participate.

Excused Absences

•If the student needs to be excused for a P.E. class, parents should send the doctor’s note or write a note
including the following information: date, type of injury, number of days the students needs to be excused,
and signature.