Growth Plan

The school’s K-12 Growth Plan goal is to first expand our K-8 program to provide more quality education options for Kansas City then to add an International Baccalaureate high school.

We are excited about the opportunity to welcome more students to Académie Lafayette to achieve our mission to educate the children of Kansas City to become globally minded, locally active, critical thinkers through immersion in world languages and cultures.

The Académie Lafayette School Board & Administration would like to provide parents an additional opportunity to share feedback regarding our future growth configuration. Please read below for our Frequently Asked Questions, or on the right to download the entire document as well as building options and our community survey. 


1. What is the status of the K-8 Expansion?

The K-8 expansion is underway and will be fully implemented beginning in August 2018.
Progress to date:
– New campus at 201 E. Armour has been purchased. $2.3 million of the $8.8 million cost of the project has been secured. The remaining cost will be paid for with proceeds from New Market Tax Credits, bank loans, and capital campaign fundraising.
– Renovations for 201 E. Armour will begin in early 2018.
– Grades 6-8 will move to the new campus in August 2018.
– Cherry and Oak reconfigurations are in discussion (see Question 3 below).

2. What renovations does the new campus need?

The building requires some renovations before occupancy. These include cosmetic repairs such as new carpet, paint and ceiling tiles as well as more significant renovations including a new roof, elevator repairs, and heating and cooling system renovations. Renovations will begin in early 2018. A new A.L. sign has already been installed at the new campus!

3. How will the Cherry and Oak campuses be reconfigured?

As of right now, the middle school, grades 6-8, will move to the new campus at 201 E. Armour in August 2018. Discussions about the future configuration of the two existing campuses, Cherry and Oak, are underway now (see Question 4 below). Nothing has been decided yet but we are considering two options at the moment based on, among other things, academic impact (on students and staff), transportation and logistics, and financial impact. Before we make this important decision we also want to know what our families value. Please take part in the discussion through the parent communication to be sent the week ending December 22 and upcoming parent forum scheduled for January 11.

Lower/Middle/Upper school option – Cherry ( K – 2) / Oak ( 2 – 5)
– Cherry will become a K-2 building although half of 2nd grade will go to Oak beginning in 2019-2020 because there are not enough classrooms at Cherry
– Oak will become a 2-5 building (Half of second grade also will be at Oak beginning in 2019-2020)
– Every student will move through the three campuses
– There will be three different start and pick up times because some families will have students at all three campuses

Two K-5 campus option (Final transition in 2022-2023) – Cherry (K-5) / Oak (K-5)
– Current (2017/18 school year) 1st – 4th grade students will remain as a cohort and cycle through Cherry/Oak (i.e. current 4th and 5th grade students at Oak will not move until 6th grade).
– Beginning in fall 2018: Kindergarten and first grade students will be divided to ensure campus diversity (gender, racial/ethnicity, socioeconomic) and minimizing student travel time as much as possible.
– All siblings will be at the same campus (either Cherry or Oak)
– Students who live within a certain radius of one campus will attend that campus
– From 2018 to 2022 there will be three start times because some families will have students at all three campuses.
– After 2023, when all current students (as of 2017-2018) have moved to the Armour Campus, there will be two start times, one for the K-5 campuses and one for the 6-8 campus.

Please see the links to the right for additional information about these options or to submit any comments, questions or concerns.

4. How will the campus configurations be decided?

There is a four-part process to gather information and make this important decision:

1. The Administration and Board of Directors has solicited input from the faculty and the Conseil d’ Ecole about the pros and cons of both options. Comment availability date TBD.
2. A parent survey was emailed on December 12. Comments availability date TBD.
3. A faculty forum to discuss the options will be held on Monday, January 8 and a parent forum will be held on Thursday, January 11 to discuss the options (See Question 5 for additional info about the parent forum).
4. The Board of Directors will review and evaluate the recommendations and make the final decision at a special meeting in February 2018.

5. How will the Jan. 11 parent forum be set up?

TBD (Link coming soon)

6. Does the new campus have athletic facilities?

Yes. The new campus has an outdoor athletic field with a turf field located about half a block from the campus. This field is fenced and has small bleachers, restrooms, a concession stand and lights (confirming). There is a parking lot adjacent to the field.

There is a fenced, outdoor basketball court and a playground.

There is no indoor gymnasium but there is a weight room and other indoor PE equipment.

7. Does the new campus have a cafeteria?

Yes, the new campus does have a cafeteria space as well as a kitchen space. The kitchen space needs to be renovated and will be used as a catering kitchen. We anticipate a catering company will provide school meals as is the case at the Cherry and Oak campuses.

8. Will there be bus transportation?

Yes. We will continue to provide free bus transportation for children who live two miles or more from the campus they attend.

9. When will the high school be added?

The high school is a very important part of Académie Lafayette’s K-12 Growth Plan. We are continuing to research funding options and anticipate moving forward within the next four years. If you have the ability or interest in assisting the Board Development Committee in this process, please contact

10. Additional questions/answers

More questions and answers will be added as they come in.