26 Apr 2017

Missed ordering the yearbook?

If you missed ordering a yearbook, it’s not too late!

Please fill out our Yearbook Interest Form to get started.

Many families missed the yearbook ordering deadline. We need a minimum of 25 yearbooks ordered to place another order through Lifetouch. Those soft cover yearbooks will cost $20 each and will not be delivered until this summer. No customization will be available. The deadline for filling out this interest form and sending money is Thursday, April 27th at 4 pm.

Please send in your exact payment to the front desk as soon as possible in a sealed envelope labeled “Yearbook + your child’s full name + homeroom teacher”. You can send in cash, a check made out to Académie Lafayette, memo line “yearbook”, or pay online on our website ( All payments will be held until April 27th, 2017. If we do not reach 25 yearbook orders, the money will be sent back with your child by Monday, May 1st (or refund via Paypal if you paid online).

The email address you provide us with in this form will be used to give you updates on this second round of ordering. Please make sure it is accurate. Direct any questions to