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2015/2016 School Year Calendar


$10,000 CA$H Raffle has kicked-off!

You can now buy raffle tickets online!!

full name of child to credit
child grade

Payment comes directly to the school. HOWEVER - and this is VERY IMPORTANT - It is the parents responsibility to send in the completed ticket stubs by the deadline so that your child receives credit, incentives or cash prizes. Please ask friends or family members who are using PayPal to tell you how many tickets they have purchased so that you can send them their ticket receipts and can send us the stubs.




Our mission is to bring together a diverse community of students and an international teaching staff to develop critical thinkers, global citizens and engaged-learners through immersion in the French language and Francophone cultures.

Notre mission:
Notre mission est de rassembler une communauté diverse d’élèves et un personnel éducatif international afin de développer des penseurs critiques, des citoyens globaux et des étudiants engagés par le biais d’une immersion dans la langue française et des cultures francophones.